5 Unknown facts about Rugby

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Rugby, as we know it, was very different from 1823 until now. Over the years, this exhilarating sport has evolved, leaving a trail of fascinating facts and intriguing stories. So, let’s dive into the world of rugby and uncover five unknown gems that will leave you in awe!

1. Who Scored the First Rugby Try?
We all know that a try is an essential part of the game, but do you know who scored the very first try in history? It was none other than William Webb Ellis. Legend has it that while playing a game of soccer at Rugby School in 1823, young William boldly took the ball in his hands and ran with it towards the opponent’s goal. This momentous act eventually paved the way for the birth of rugby as a distinct sport. So, the next time you witness a try being scored, remember the audacity of Webb Ellis!

2. Rugby Union versus Rugby League
Most fans are familiar with the two main forms of rugby: Rugby Union and Rugby League. But do you know the key differences between the two? While both share similar origins, the split occurred in 1895, when almost twenty clubs in the north of England formed the Northern Rugby Football Union, later renamed the Rugby League. The key distinction lies in the number of players and the gameplay rules. Rugby Union has 15 players on each team, whereas Rugby League has 13. Additionally, Rugby Union allows for more phases of play, resulting in a more strategic and dynamic style of rugby.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

3Namibia Rugby, Rugby, Rugby in Namibia, History of Rugby. The Namibian Success Story

When we think of rugby powerhouses, countries like New Zealand, England, and South Africa come to mind. But did you know that Namibia, a small African nation, has its own unique rugby success story? Despite being a developing rugby nation, Namibia has made remarkable strides on the international stage. They have qualified for every Rugby World Cup since 1999, an impressive feat for a country with a population of just over 2 million people. So, the next time you catch a Namibian rugby match, remember the spirit and determination that fuel this underdog’s journey.


4. The Highest Scoring Rugby Match
With intense physicality and strategic tactics, rugby matches can often be low-scoring affairs. However, there have been exceptions to this rule, and one match stands out in particular. In 1902, a clash between Australia and British Barbarians in Bradford, England, reached extraordinary heights, with a mind-boggling final score of 104-0 in favor of Australia. Talk about a landslide victory! This record-breaking game will forever be etched in rugby history, reminding us that anything is possible on the field.

5. Rugby Goes Global
While rugby has its roots in the United Kingdom, this captivating sport has spread its wings to become a global phenomenon. Did you know that rugby is played in over 120 countries around the world? From traditional rugby strongholds to emerging nations, this game has gained popularity far and wide. Whether it’s the passion in New Zealand’s haka, England’s Twickenham Stadium packed with fervent supporters, or the rising talent from unexpected corners of the globe, rugby’s global reach continues to amaze and unite us all.


In conclusion, these five unknown facts highlight the rich and diverse history of rugby. From William Webb Ellis’s audacious run to Namibia’s inspiring journey, rugby has continuously evolved, surprising us with its sheer excitement and global impact. So, the next time you watch a rugby match, whether it’s a thrilling try or an inspiring underdog team, remember that this sport is more than just a game; it’s a testament to the human spirit and our never-ending quest for greatness.

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